2019 Wizards of Whisky
Are you making great whisky?


Then I want to hear about it!


My Wizards of Whisky World Whisky Awards are now celebrating their seventh year, and my judges are keen to find the best whiskies made by smaller distillers across the world.  Last year nearly 100 small, boutique and craft whiskies battled it out for The Wizards. 


Entries are now open and you have until 14th December 2018 to send your bottles in.  The Wizards are easy to enter, guarantee your brands masses of coverage, and are established as the leading awards for distilleries in non-traditional areas.

Enter before October 31st 2018 to benefit from our special early bird rate.


Judging takes place in December 2018 and January 2019, with announcement of the winners for 2019 made over a week at the end of January.


Reasons why you should enter

The Wizards of Whisky showcase whiskies from around the world with a unique double-pronged promotional approach.

One - The Wizards of Whisky will be judged by two panels of experts made up of the best bloggers and writers, retailers, and members of my VIP club, which have been tasting world whiskies for 10 years and have more experience of world whiskies than anyone else in the country.

Two - Medal winning whiskies will receive judge’s comments for use in your future marketing and publicity. 

Three - Medal winning whiskies will have the opportunity to feature in Wizards whisky tasting events throughout 2019. 


What the distillers say about The Wizards

“Competing on an international stage is what sets the Wizards of Whiskey apart. It puts you in front of the entire world,” commented Darek Bell of Corsair.  “Being recognised by the Wizards of Whiskey Competition has been huge for the Corsair Distillery and put us in the big leagues. No one in the industry is as committed as Dom Roskrow is to world whiskey. His unique voice is always on the cutting edge of international whiskey trends and is vital to a world that is becoming more global." 

Darek Bell, owner and distiller, Corsair Distillery, Tennessee


“We are delighted to have received success in these Awards. The support we have had from the Wizards has been very important to us.”

Balcones Distillery, Texas


How to enter

Simply complete the entry form and email it back to us.  The email address is sallyrosk@aol.com


Then pay the appropriate fee in to the bank using the details provided. You have plenty of time to send over your whisky (a bottle for each entry), which is needed by December 14th 2018.


This year I have introduced a special award to recognise new and exciting Scotch and Irish craft whiskies, as well as American craft and specialist whiskey styles such as American single malts and American hop whiskeys. My new book ‘Whiskey: America’ is being published in October 2018 and medal winners in this category will be invited to provide whiskey for my book tours and tastings in Spring 2019.


Whiskies will be judged in the following categories (you may enter the same whisky for more than one category for no extra cost):

Scottish whisky                   - craft

American whiskey              - bourbons

American whiskey              - other styles

American whiskey              - craft and specialist 

Asian & African whisky      - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Australasian whisky            - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Canadian whisky                 - all styles

European whisky                - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Alpine whisky                      - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Irish whiskey                        - blends

Irish whiskey                        - single malt

Irish whiskey                        - pot still

Irish whiskey                        - craft

Japanese whisky                 - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Independent bottler          - Two categories: single malt and other grain whisky

Next Big thing                   - all styles


Where relevant, in each category whiskies will be judged as single malts or other whisky styles.  There will be an overall winner selected in each category. An overall ‘World Single Malt Whisky’ and a ‘World Other Whisky’ will be awarded.

The world distiller of the year and the regional distillers of the year will be awarded to the distillers with the highest scoring whiskies overall.  A minimum of three whiskies need to be entered to be considered for a distiller of the year title - with the exception of the craft whisky category, where one or more will be considered.


Certificates will be awarded to gold, silver and bronze medal winners, and several medals may be awarded in any one category.


For more information please contact Dom on 0044 7939 682140 or email him at d.roskrow@aol.co.uk



Early bird fees (up until October 31st 2018) are:


                                                FULL PRICE                           Early Bird rate

One whisky                            £125                                       £90                                                   

Two whiskies                         £225                                       £160                                        

Three whiskies                      £300                                       £210               

Each additional                    £100                                       £100  


Bespoke packages to be discussed on an individual basis for entries over five whiskies.







Dominic Roskrow


Tel: 07939 682140

Email: d.roskrow@aol.co.uk

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